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Stake your claim on the city of New Shore as the de facto leader, overseeing one of the five mafia families in this gritty simulation of 1930’s organized crime. As the Don, get involved in the rackets that defined the Prohibition era, manage the internal politics of your own family, command tactical muscle while balancing political and family influences to establish control of contested territory. Come claim your place among mafia history. How will you rule the city of New Shore

Key Features

• Begin your path of supremacy by choosing one of the five families, each with unique backgrounds, strengths, weaknesses, and connections to the city of New Shore

• Navigate the five boroughs of New Shore. Each district populated with iconic neighborhoods to control, showcasing the rich history of New Shore’s five families

• Manage the internal politics of your family through a deep loyalty system. An allied Capo can remain steadfast under legal pressure, or become a “rat”, crippling your organization

• Bribe local city officials. Use political favors to your advantage and protect your growing empire against organized crime crackdowns

• See how you stack up against enemy Dons with the Commission's rankings. Earn the favor of Dons from across the country, and determine the unspoken rules of organized crime

• Experience the Prohibition era through a period inspired soundtrack of 1920 to 1930's jazz, with a score that captures the grittiness of organized crime

• Invest in various rackets and take what you deserve from the citizens of New Shore. Pick the perfect crime for each neighborhood, then defend your territory from police and opposing families


Press Review


The Commission is approaching the genre through a smaller lens, instead focusing on a single city and placing you in control of mafia family operations in the 1920s.

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